Working with a competent lawyer in employment law will allow you to fully exercise your rights. Thanks to my suggestions, my support and my advice, make sure the law is your ally!

Employees have many questions about their employment contract and their first reaction is to make research on the internet.

Consulting a lawyer will provide you with valuable advice relevant to your particular situation.

In order to have precise advice relevant to your case, it is necessary to review the employment contract, the last payslips, the applicable collective agreement (“convention collective”), and the employment relationship as a whole.

I give you advice and guide you on all the issues related to the conclusion and execution of the employment contract: fixed remuneration, incentive remuneration, vacation bonuses, mobility clause, non-competition clause, sick leave (“arrêt maladie”), paid time off (“congés payés”), work duration, hours in addition to contractual hours (“heures supplémentaires”), home office, professional expenses, etc…

The key word: Do not wait until the last minute to prepare your case !

As a lawyer, I guide you when you have to face a deterioration of your working conditions, in responding to any potential unjustified blames made against you and in developing a defense strategy (e.g. arguing against a rating further to an appraisal interview, arguing against a disciplinary sanction).

In order to have a good case, you need to act before the dismissal and seizure of the Conseil de prud’hommes (“Labour Court”).

The same applies in the case of sexual or moral harassment. The more evidence you gather in advance, the more chances you have to come up with good negotiation or to win in front of the court.

I assist and represent employees before labour courts by adopting an offensive strategy defined in order to use the means of defense you can use.

I lead the negotiation after dismissal to get an amicable settlement taking care of your interests.

What you should know as an Employee

Any Questions?

I will be happy to bring you the support you need with regard to the management of your disputes and questions on labour law.