Working with a competent lawyer in labour law will allow you to avoid many disputes and litigations in your company.

Drafting French employment contracts can be very complicated: You need to comply with French Employment Code (“Code du travail”) and collective branch-level agreement (“Convention Collective”), implement the right level of qualification and salary, avoid making a mistake on the trial period and its renewal, manage foreign employees status etc..

I assist the employers on all of these kinds of issues and draft or review the employment contracts with a simple and easy-to-understand communication.

Employers have to comply with many obligations and it is often difficult to figure out what to do.

The execution of an employment contract is impacted by many different situations: Paid time off (“congés payés” / “RTT”), sick leave, maternity leave, increase of salary, promotion, disciplinary sanction, health and safety.

I support and advise the employers to ensure they comply with French Labour Law requirements.

Failure to comply by employers may have serious consequences and involve their liability in particular criminal liability (ex: health and safety).

I support and advise employers in relation with the termination of the employment contract either under the terms and conditions of a mutually agreed termination (“rupture conventionnelle”) or a dismissal for either a personal cause (ex : professional underperformance –“insuffisance professionnelle”-) or disciplinary cause ( minor misconduct – “faute simple” – major misconduct “faute grave”).

In case of economic difficulties and necessary restructuring for the survival of the company, I advise the employers on the right applicable dismissal proceedings and assist them on its implementation.

Creation of the collective labour status and collective relationships with regard to french labour law

I assist the employers with all matters concerning collective labour Law area: negotiation of collective agreements, Internal regulation, implementation of the home office organization, implementation of the purchasing power exceptional bonus, management and elections of the employees’ representative bodies, strikes etc…

Assistance in front of the Conseil de prud’hommes and in front of the Court Of Appeal for labour law litigations

Each employer will have to face with a labour law litigation one day or another during the life of their company.

Winning a litigation involves preliminary to benefit from strong supportive evidence and follow the most relevant strategy.

I assist and represent the employers in front of the Labour law Courts (Conseil de prud’hommes and Court of Appeal) and lead the negotiation to close the litigation thanks to a potential settlement agreement.

What you should know as an Employer

Any Questions?

I will be happy to bring you the support you need with regard to the management of your disputes and questions on labour law.